Corinzia Monforte was in born in Palermo where she lives and works as a High School teacher.

When she was still a young  girl, beyond   her passion for writing,  she discovered  her passion for colours. She  used to drawn and paint  almost secretly ,since she considers art something intimate. She wrote thousands of diaries and notebooks,  and when she was twenty  she wrote her first unpublished novel, “Fronesio”, a story set in a man’s mind living on other people’s lives.

With the advent of the internet, Corinzia started to be interested  in blogs. From  2006 to 2009 “Korinthia Monforte” wrote a blog for “L’Espresso”, and in the same period she wrote about English Literature for the “Guide di SuperEva”.

Then, when the blogs were replaced by the Social networks, Corinzia left these activities and wrote  “Opinionario”, a collection of opinions on several topics.

In 2010 she wrote another unpublished (due to Corinzia’s reluctance towards publishing with fee)  novel “Inglesi Qui”,  the  story of some English literature characters living together a second modern life in Palermo.

Through all her life, Corinzia has always painted, since (as she says) “Writing is to think, painting is to set one’s thoughts free”.

 Her artist’s impulse is a reaction to the moments she lives: ordinary faces and daily objects are reversed by her instinct into a drawing to be enlarged and magnified into a canvas.

 Corinzia’s one is a solipsistic, sometimes proud art getting away from exhibits and art galleries, loving being inside her studio’s walls or incorporated on hyperpages;  nevertheless, her art doesn’t disdain  to be admired  and shown in places where someone, falling in love with it, will ask it to stay.

Corinzia’s artworks have never paid to be shown, and they will never do it. They can go away, if they want, where they will be asked to be, but only if it will be asked.




I paint an alternative reality, made up of unreal, vivid,  fluorescent, sometimes acid  colours where every detail may be precise  and realistic, but it also may turn into something inexact, ambiguous, vague as in a dream.  It’s  my train of thoughts, unlinked images which are intersected: people, places, everyday objects, fragments of reality, the way they appear in the chaos of my mind.

It’s  not a new Surrealism, nothing to do with psychoanalysis,. My artworks represent a conscious mind, just like the line of our single thoughts, when we are awake. I call it “New Subjectivity”, which may be near to the  New Expressionism for its immediacy, but it differs from it for its love for the detail, for its search for a preciseness it never reaches in the impulse  of a brush.